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Sofia Carrillo

MEET THE ANIMATOR: Sofia Carrillo (Mexico)

Films made by visual artist Sofia Carrillo are worlds shrouded in mystery. In the fashion of Edgar Allan Poe’s storeis, one cannot resist the overwhelming feeling of spleen, the nerve-wrecking suspense and the uneasy feeling of witnessing or participating in a deeply distressing experience. At the same time, we cannot but enjoy the visual richness of the animated scenes in which the material world willingly subdues to the phantasmagorical. In her sovereign demonstration of the refined mastery of the stop motion technique, Sofia expands the semantic space of the puppet as the animated object, driving it to unsuspected horizons. Whatever the topic, from sisterhood and demonic loyalty, to the melancholic family chronicle and uncanny memories of a childhood, the dark spaces hidden behind the film picture seem to evoke the world of shadows from the Mexican cult of the dead, giving the films the aura of the afterworld. The subtlety, accompanied by the artful overlapping of codes of the mundane and the irrational, make Sofia Carrillo a special artist in the best meaning of the word.

Sofia Carillo has BA in Audio Visual Arts from the University of Guadalajara (México). She has worked in both classical animation and art direction. AMPAS (Oscar) and AMACC (Ariel) Academy member. Sofia’s works have screened in Sundance, Annecy, Chicago, Sitges, Fantasia, Fantastic Fest, Habana Cuba, Tricky Women etc. She is a winner of two silver Ariel for Best Animated shortfilm (Prita Noire 2011, Cerulia 2017). Sofia’s film Cerulia has won more than 20 prizes around the world. She has also collaborated with the interstitials for the XX Anthology Horror Film, directed by Jovanka Vuckovic, Annie Clark, Roxanne Benjamin and Karin Kusama (Magnolia Pictures and XYZ Films), premiered at Sundance 2017. Currently in the development of her opera prima supported by the SNCA, National Art System for creators 2017.