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Date: Friday, September 6th
Venue: Grand Hall
Time: 12:00 pm
  • Denmark, 2017, 79 min

    Original title: Den Utrolige Historie om den Kæmpestore Pære
    Directors: Philip Einstein Lipski, Jørgen Lerdam, Amalie Næsby Fick
    Screenplay: Bo Hr. Hansen, Philip Einstein Lipski, Amalie Næsby Fick
    Sact: Zorana Bečić, Ivana Popović, Bora Nenić, Igor Damjanović, Bojan Lazarov, Milan Čučilović, Pavle Jeremić, Miloš Đurović, Rade Vukotić, Branislav Jerinić, Zoran Leković, Đurđina Radić
    Editing: Hans Perk, Anders Sørensen

Best friends elephant Sebastian and Mitcho the Cat live in the peaceful seaside village of Sunnytown. They all live happily until the sudden disappearance of the favourite mayor of J.B.! While fishing, Mtichu catches a bottle with a message from J.B., saying that he got stranded at the Mysterious Island, calling them to the rescue. The bottle also has the seed which, once it is planted, sprouts into a giant pear! Having used the pear to make a boat, Sebastian, Mitcho and the weird professor Glucose embark on a dangerous adventure, bond to meet pirates, sea dragon and curious ghosts. Having almost exhausted all of the courage they’d had, the best friends are nonetheless determined to find the Mysterious Island and brin J.B. back home.

  • Director Philip Einstein Lipski is well-known for his work on Ronal the Barbarian (2011) and Terribly Happy (2008).

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