Estonian animation masters:




The exhibition titled ESTONIAN ANIMATION MASTERS: EESTI JOONISFILM, proudly presented at this year’s ANIMANIMA 2020, has been envisaged as a complementary programme to the screening of the films signed by authors from the world-known Talin animation studio, Prit and Olga Parn, Mattias Malk, Kaspar Jancis, Prit Tender, Francesco Rosso, Morten Tshinakov and Lucija Mrzljak.

The exhibiton has a documentary character and is based on attractive visual material (photographs from films, story-boards, sketches, drawings, character and set designs, authors’ portraits and their biographies, film synopses), closely related to animated releases of the participating authors: ’Eyeless Hunter’, ’Strawberry Eaters’, ’Cosmonaut’, ’Orpheus’, ‘Destined for Death’ and ‘Stork’.

A part of the exhibition content is presented here at the festival site in an informative format, whereas its integral content can be seen in the Arts Salon of the Cultural Centre in Čačak, as the only programme of this year’s Animanima displayed in physical space. The implementation of the exhibition was kindly assisted by director Lucija Mrzljak, who is also the author of the text accompanying the exhibition, so we use this opportunity to extend our thanks to her, as well as Eeesti Joonsfilm producer Kalev Tam and the animators who have contributed their materials and films for the online screening at the festival.