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Date: Saturday, September 7th
Venue: Grand Hall
Time: 7:00 pm
  • Bendito Machine is no doubt one of the most non-conventional animated universes, and the man behind it is the graphic designer, illustrator and animator from Spain, Jossie Malis. Working from his Zumbakamera studio in Palma de Mallorca, he creates this absurd and contradictory world of weird mechanisms, building a complex story full of unexpected turns. With generous amounts of irony and dark humour, Jossie quite lucidly places our civilisation under a magnifying glass, showing how its arrogant demonstration of own supremacy threatens to trigger its self destruction to dust and ashes, in endless repetition of cosmic cycles.

    From the very first film in this ’series of stories of power, money, religion and corruption’, Everything that you need from 2006, to the latest one, sixth in the series, titled Carry On (2018), Jossie continues with his consistent research of the human nature, turning Bendito Machine into a kind of paradigm of human relations in which politics, religion, rituals, tribal spirit, destruction, take on highly meticulous shades of meaning. Bendito Machine generates neo-myths, playing with artefacts of the pop culture (with the second episode bearing a clear allusion to Coca Cola, while a careful spectator will inevitably notice a Mickey Mouse-like shape of the head of one in the group of characters in the scene), enabling the author to use their coded but also understandable language, to convey his own stance, in what can be described as the supreme satire of this day and age.

    The recognisable visual expression – all the figures, arsenals, tools, scenes, resemble silhouettes of pronounced two-dimensional nature and reduced movements, allowing Jossie’s imaginative force to gain momentum, inspiring his passion for detail and the quintessential understanding of the art of animation.

    The sixth episode poses the question: “An inevitable and enigmatic bio-technological interweaving is just around the corner. What can go wrong?“ Indeed, it can... The question poses itself: if it is evident that the world of today has exhausted itself, has the Bendito Machine franchise come to its close? The answer is very much in the hands of Jossie Malis. But whatever the answer to this question may be, it is easy to think that our deep, intimate experience of the world we live in, engrossed in the illusion about itself, often grotesque in its self-indulgence, may not be different from the world of Bendito Machine.

  • Bendito Machine I - Everything you need, 2006, 4:46

    Two villages fight for the control of a blessed hill. Devoted intimidation can be the best ally when it comes to hoarding everything.

  • Bendito Machine II - The spark of life, 2007, 5:53

    A strange beverage of incomprehensible origin, which causes strange effects on those who consume it, causes disastrous consequences in a small group of devotees to the mysticism of soft drinks.

  • Bendito Machine III - Obey his commands, 2009, 6:36

    A man climbs a big mountain looking for an omen. An omnipotent force gives him the cathodic sacraments, the last hope to save a people from their evil pagan rites and evolve technologically.

  • Bendito Machine IV - Fuel the machines, 2012, 9:50

    An improbable hero embarks on a crude journey by land, sea and air -throughout all the attractions of a planet turned into a massive petrochemical park... and beyond.

  • Bendito Machine V - Pull the trigger, 2014, 11:54

    An exotic traveler comes from far away to discover the beauty of a supposedly unexplored territory. Instead, he finds himself in the middle of a turbulent conflict. Trapped against his will, he must wait patiently until the storm has passed.

  • Bendito Machine VI - Carry on, 2018, 13:57

    An inevitable and enigmatic bio-technological interweaving is just around the corner. What can go wrong?

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