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Saturday | 7th September | Conference Room

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      The ANIDOX programme is part of the Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark. It is a creative platform for development and production of documentary projects comprising a laboratory, professional training courses, residential programme and master classes. ANIDOX LAB brings together documentary producers, animation directors and creative producers within their joint projects, which will be the topic of video-link assisted talk by Uri Kranot, main instructor.

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      Psychotherapist Ruben Brandt is tormented by nightmares filled with scenes resembling famous works of art. Convinced that his suffering will end once he gets to own these works of art, he hires professional thieves to steal them from the world museums. The first full-feature film of director Milorad Krstić has a fascinating visual appearance, while the process of its creation will be the topic of the talk by Danijel Milošević, sound designer and editor of this film.

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      Bendito Machine is a series which in many ways is unlike anything else seen at the world animation scene over the past decade or so, the period during which its six episodes were produced. Ironically titled All that you need, Obey his commands or Pull the trigger, his stories are phantasmagorical and occasionally hallucinating, yield a mirroring depiction of the human kind. The Bendito Machine Universe will be presented by its author in person, the designer and animator from Spain, Jossie Malis.

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      MOME Anim is the animation department of the reputable Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME) from Budapest. Since 2005, the department has been managed by József Fülöp, under whose mandate two-level BA and MA programmes were established. This incubator of talents in modern Hungarian animation will be the topic of the talk by Luca Tóth who, after receiving her BA degree in 2011, went on to acquire her MA two years later at the Royal College of Art, before becoming a leading figure in the new generation of Hungarian animation directors.

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