8:30, 3D računar
After studying History at university, Geoffroy de Crécy worked in video games at Ubisoft, where he was introduced to graphics and animation. He received a Music victory for his first independent animated music video, then began producing and directing animated films in all possible forms: commercials, music videos ... especially in France, the United Kingdom and the United States. In 2007, Geoffroy directed his first short film Dog Days (16`), produced with Autour de Minuit. In 2009, he produced Berni`s Doll (11`), by director Yann Jouette who won the Silver Crystal at the Annecy festival.


Francuska, 2020
Dovršen neposredno pre globalne zabrane kretanja, film Empty Places predstavlja odu melanholiji mašina.

Geoffroy de Crécy

Režija: Geoffroy de Crécy


Scenario: Geoffroy de Crécy

Montaža: Geoffroy de Crécy, Jane Chagnon

Animacija: Geoffroy de Crécy et Arnaud de Mullenheim

Dizajn zvuka: Baptiste Boucher